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5 Trends that I'm seeing for 2023 (and one that we can STOP embracing!)

We're just over a month into 2023 (whaaaaa?!) and I've already been buzzing with excitement planning what's coming up for Form & Function Design Co. this year. It doesn't matter if the projects are big or small, here are 5 stand-out trends that I'm seeing and incorporating into projects this year.

Traditional staircase
Instagram accounts like Chris Loves Julia are reminding us of the beauty of traditional interiors.

1. A nod to traditional interiors (and exteriors)

Over the past 10 years or so, we've seen a trend among residential builders and architects to go all modern and minimalist with homes. This is why we see a lot of five-year-old houses with asymmetrical or flat roofs and lots of shiny grey everywhere inside. I have a few clients who went all-in to this aesthetic five or ten years ago and who are sooooo done with it now because it feels cold.

This year, I have a couple projects where we're going back to some traditional elements like *gasp* glass and crystal chandeliers, warm wood floors, drapery, and sofas that aren't grey! Yay!

Pantone colour of the year 2023

2. Colour!

Not grey. We're taking a break from grey, ok? Not to say that we're never going to love grey again, because we will, but we're taking a break.

A while ago, everyone painted their houses all white (me too!) and while we are still loving white walls, there needs to be a bit of colour brought back in. Some people are doing accent walls (only to be taken in MODERATION!) but at the moment, I'm adding colour in backsplashes, furniture, accessories, and ART! Oh baby, I love a white wall with some colourful art!

Coba from Kentwood Floors
We're going to keep seeing warm tones in 2023 - like this "Coba" colour from Kentwood Floors. (pic:

3. Warm Wood Tones

I touched on this in the bit about traditional interiors but (let's say this all together now!) we're not doing grey hardwood anymore, ok? Or vinyl (don't get me started on viny...). Don't freak out, I'm not going to tell you that I'm all about those cherry-stained floors that we were allllll about in 2002. What I am going to tell you is that mid-tone woods are back in - BIG TIME! I'm still seeing a lot of light-coloured floors going in, which is still very much a vibe and will always have a piece of my heart, but dang, those mid-tones sure are practical! They hide scratches and dog hair and crumbs like a freaking dream!

4. Curves

I think (I hope!) we're coming back to a time where we can have some fun with interiors and not take them (and ourselves!) so seriously. As much as I cringe a little at trends that we saw in the 80s and 90s with a lot of silly post-modernism (think rounded, glass countertops, glass brick, kooky terra-cotta tiles, and tubular steel furniture), I kind of yearn for the playfulness of that era.

All of that to say that I have seen some unreal kitchens lately that incorporated curved islands that look sooooo good with a couple little arched entrances. I've also noticed some sweet curves on sofas and even coffee tables in the past while. Love it.

5. Focus on Sustainability

This is so near and dear to my heart and who I am as a person that I could (and will!) write a whole blog post about it soon. My clients generally are not cool with the fact that it takes...let's see... *takes out calculator*...... LITERALLY FOREVER for plastic to break down in a landfill. This means that no, vinyl flooring is never my first choice - even if you have kids and dogs. I'm seeing clients who want to invest in quality finishes for their homes that don't take a toll on the environment and are sustainably developed and made. We won't be perfect, but we can be mindful of what we're doing. I really hope that it's not a "trend", though.

A trend we can leave behind...

Plastic floors!

Flooring companies have been quick to call these "Luxury Vinyl" planks and the marketing really has worked - they're super popular. I don't love them, however, because I'm not convinced of their longevity and quality (they're not as indestructible as they seem). I don't love the feel of most of them, either. I would rather that my floors be made of more natural materials since not everything is about looks - the feel and sound of a product matter so much too! That said, if I'm forced to do so, I will specify these types of floors but I am VERY picky about what kind you're getting!


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