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5 Ways To Make Your Home Look More Put Together (Without Breaking the Bank!)

There are so many ways to elevate your space without needing a blank cheque. Some are cheaper than others but here are some of my tried-and-true faves!

1. Declutter

This is a tough one, I know, but I also feel it in my bones when I tell you this: A

CLUTTERED HOME CAUSES ANXIETY! If you need help with this, there are actual

local professionals that will help you go through your stuff.

2. Ditch the Plastic Storage Bins

This may be part of the decluttering for you but please, for the love of God, plastic

storage drawers and bins are not to be out in the open! Totes are for storage. They

go in the shed, the garage, or the storage room. If you have kids, you have

craft supplies. You don't need plastic drawers for them, and if you do, hide them!

3. Hide the cords!

Do it! This might sound like a bit of tough love but the cords are killing your whole

family room vibe. You know those Febreeze commercials that talk about people

going "nose blind" to their stinky homes? YOU, my friend, have gone cord blind.

Should you bust the wall open to put the cords in there? In a perfect world, yes. Are

there other solutions that can wrangle your cords into a little tidy conduit-type-

thingy that can be painted the same colour as the wall? Yeppers! I'm not just talking

about tv cords, either! Anything that gets plugged in could be making your space

look less-than-fan-freaking-tastic!

4. Curtains

Just like you aren't fully dressed with just your underwear (no matter how functional

it may be!), your windows are not properly dressed with just blinds. I know the blinds

were expensive. I also know that's all you really need but I'm going to level with you

here: you windows and your whole space would look much more finished and classy

AF with curtains! (Not even fancy custom curtains, just regular ones... I mean we CAN

get you custom ones, they're pretty cool too!) HONESTLY! Curtains and your very

useful blinds will be the best of friends! I promise!


5. Update your lighting!

I'm talking to you - the one with the boob lights in the hallway,

and the bedroom, and the basement and (OH GOD, REALLY?!) even THE KITCHEN!

I can't stress how important lighting is and you won't realize what an incredible

difference that it makes until you change it. There is a LOT to know about lighting

but here's what I know to be true... Those boob lights aren't doing anything for your

space! (Same goes for the Hollywood-Style vanity lights in the bathroom - you

know what dusty, mismatched bulbs I'm talking about. Don't act like you don't.)

*Extra credit assignment: Matching Hangers

This one might seem a little extra but you can do like I did and just buy matching

wooden hangers for your coat closets as a warm-up. It's niiiiice. And when your

guests see their coat hanging in a well organized closet that has nice, sturdy

hangers, your minimal investment of time and money will be totally worth it. It'll look

even better if you get some new, matching baskets for all of the loose crap

on the shelves above the hangers! Whoo!


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